Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Impressions

   Long: infectious laughter, enthusiasm, education
   Short: practical farming and health care experience; these are, of course, the two areas our group is responsible for.
    We met our fellow travelers for the first time yesterday. Everyone seems eager but not arrogant; we're diverse but have common anxieties. Those of us who are fed up with the despicable behavior of our political parties and concerned about the country's balance sheet can certainly count as an asset these 42 young people--actually 40--there's another couple about our age.
    We may not accoplish our primary work assignments , but rest assured, we will chuckle at our failures and we will make new friends!   Dave


  1. Dave & Judy,
    What a wonderful adventure you are embarking upon. You know you have our heartfelt best wishes. Sorry we didn't have a chance to see you before you left. Will follow your postings and look forward to seeing you again upon your return.
    Jim Sue Ferguson

  2. i bet you are among the youngest ones there. happy journeys.