Monday, December 24, 2012

48 in Armenia......46 in Niger......50 in...........

46 in Niger, 48 in Armenia, but where will 50 be?? Those numbers refer to Dave and my wedding anniversaries. We celebrated #46 by sharing a huge cake with fellow volunteers and staff in Niger, Africa in December, 2010, where we were still in pre-service training with the U. S. Peace Corps. It was an occasion to remember. 
Dave,Judy,Hayarpi and Levon celebrating  the Smith's 48th wedding anniversary in Armenia

Then both # 47 and # 48 have been celebrated in Armenia as we continue our Peace Corps service. For #48 we found ourselves celebrating  with Armenian friends in Yerevan, the country's capital. The city's official Christmas tree lighting provided a colorful, festive backdrop to our evening with Hayarpi and Levon, a young couple who have quickly become part of our lives in this country.  Were the fireworks and music in Republic Square performed especially for our 48th anniversary? Of course not, but the thought was appealing as we watched the explosion of lights and music coming from the stage and watched the count-down which preceded the sudden illumination of the huge tree.  Instantly changing from dark green to brilliant red signified the official start to the season leading up to Nor Tari in Armenia, and we were right there to see it.
Christmas tree in Republic Square 

Fireworks in Yerevan

Later, as we recalled previous anniversary celebrations, we began contemplating  how and where we might celebrate our proverbial "golden anniversary".  To be perfectly honest, I find it a bit disconcerting to think Dave and I are even OLD enough to be wed almost 50 years. Why, I remember when my parents had been married for 50 years and all of the flurry associated with their Golden Anniversary party. Where has the time gone? Will we want to have such an event or will we decide to take a trip around the world, or return to visit Armenia, or celebrate that 50 year span of time in some philanthropic way?  Do we really feel 50 years older that on that cold, snowy day we married in 1964?

These questions are merely questions for us to consider and no answers are available yet. #50 for us will come sooner than we think and by then , our plans will have changed more than a few times, based on life-----or as the saying goes, "life is what happens when you're making other plans".

For now, the only sure thing is that we hope to celebrate the event together, wherever that may be. #48 was fine. #49 is approaching. #50 is a goal to be reached and celebrated.  We hope you will join us when the time comes.    Thanks for being our readers in this journey.     Judy  

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