Monday, July 9, 2012

Many of my blogs are serious, as I focus on real life happenings in Armenia. As Dave and I live and work here with the Peace Corps,  I realize that these writings may sound more negative than I intend even though there are definitely positives for us in this life we are leading.

I also realize that my blogs are lengthy, verbose, time-consuming to read, and often just too long to be blog entries.      So................this blog will only have photos with minimal text.  To follow are photos of a few people we've met and experiences we've had outside of our work but inside our goal of integrating and immersing ourselves into life in Armenia.
Family from Iran who we met in Yerevan as we walked down the street. The father spoke and taught English and invited us to visit in Iran.    We are not allowed to go to Iran while in Peace Corps service.

Finale for children's award-winning musical produced at the Dilijan Music College.

Peace Corps volunteers at July 4th celebration at U. S. Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia--complete with hamburgers and fireworks!
Gathering storm clouds in the Dilijan mountains
Lovely family we met in Dilijan then had dinner with in their Yerevan home, most hospitable and inviting family!
Petunias thrive in the climate of Armenia
. Not many children have bikes in our neighborhood but this boy let Dave ride his for a few minutes
Judy with children waiting to see President of Armenia during his visit to Dilijan
2 of our favorite Armenian neighbors

A few photos, very little text.....nice
change! These pictures are worth
thousands of words.  Enjoy!

Armenian woman who bakes and sells LAVASH (national bread of Armenia) right in our neighborhood.  It is yummy!\\


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